Hey Guys,
Sorry i haven't updated in a little bit. I'm really excited because for the first time EVER the site doesn't look like its under construction!!! I hope you all enjoy the new stuff i've added and don't worry there is much more to come!!!! 

New video up check it out!!! Again sorry for all the mess it should be fixed shortly!!!

Hey Ya'll (theres that southern side coming out again!),
    Sorry for all the mess on the site we are under a little construction but it should be all good and fixed ASAP so bear with us!!!!

Hey everyone, 
    Story is coming along really great!!! Sorry i keep changing the powers of everyone I'm still working on perfecting them so don't be surprised if they change from what they are now. I am attempting to make opening credits but i must say as tech savy as i like to believe i am, i am still not so great but who knows hopefully i can get it to work. Keep leaving us your feedback we love to hear what you have to say and send us your stuff so we can post it!!!

Hey everyone,
    I am currently in the works of making the opening credits, don't expect them anytime soon cause they legit take forever to make but hopefully that will be coming soon!!!

Hey Ya'll (I'm channeling my southern side!!!),
     I got back to school tomorrow boo so there may not be to much updates these next few weeks but have no fear there is still a lot to come!!! I changed around a lot of characters powers (they weren't working for me) and i posted a complete list of powers under the book of shadows!!! I will be posting more stuff in the "book of shadows" section soon hopefully including more pages and spells!!!! Im also working on a story right now!!! Hopefully i wont get writers block like i seem to be having a lot lately and that should be going up soon so look out for that!!! Oh almost forgot (in fact i did and i posted this but then i came back to edit it so yay for edit button) new pics up and not just of the characters but there parents, different places the story takes place, cool icons and some random ones like a pic of melinda's cat (so cute btw) and blue prints of the manor so check it out!!!

Hey guys!!! Bios for all the characters are up so go check it out on the characters page. I hope it helps clear up who everyone is!!! Thats all for now.

YAY first video is up, or it will be in a few minutes once it loads but if you're reading this chances are its up so go look at it!!!!! If you have any videos you would like us to post on this site please let us know by sending us a message on the 'contact us' page!!! Also more Book of Shadows pages to come!!! I hope you enjoy!!!

Baby pictures are up, YAY!!!! See if you can figure out who is who (hint: if you click on the picture you'll find the answer). Photo shoot today so new pics should be up soon!!! Im also working on a new story so be sure to check the stories page!!! Don't forget to send us your stuff so we can post it on the site (just go to contact us!!!) Lots of new cool stuff its on its way so get excited!!!

I've decided to create a little game. I'm gonna post pictures of the next generation as babies (as best I can) and you try and figure out who is who!!!! So look out for that and other cool things that are soon to come!!!